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Regular price
RM 199.00 Ringgit
Regular price
RM 249.00 Ringgit
Sale price
RM 199.00 Ringgit

Product Description

  • Material: Chiffon Georgette
  • Style: Doll-like Kurung 
  • Cutting: Regular fit
  • Available Size: XS to 3XL
  • Top: Hip length doll tiered kurung, front top full lace detailing,mandarin collar, fully lining, concealed sleeve and back zip fastening
  • Wudhu friendly 
  • Bottom: Fully lining fan pleated back skirt,elastic waistband with zip

Sizing Guide

  • All measurement are taken with the garment laid flat, buttoned and / or zipped.
  • Please check measurement especially on bust, waist and hip.
  • Please refer to sizing chart before order.
  • Size might be smaller than your actual size.
  • Unless otherwise specified, measurements are taken from the highest point of shoulder.
  • Size chart have been provided as general guide for determining size.
  • Please check your measurement before purchasing. Kindly contact our Team Sale or Agent to assist.
  • Exchange size will be accepted within 3 days after received subject to our stock.
  • Return and exchange can only be done once. 

Sizing Chart